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Technique Book e-Book

Would you like to own the best idea book in the industry? With over 150 ideas from past issues of the Financial Concepts Newsletter, the Technique Book is your answer!

The Technique Book has been called the best idea book in the industry!

It contains over 150 of the best ideas from past issues of the Financial Concepts Newsletter which has been published since 1983. Use it in interviews as third-party material to help open and close sales, and in your office to cut proposal preparation time so you can spend more time selling. Every agent should have a Technique Book. Every manager should have one to show prospective agents the opportunities available in a career. Just one idea can be worth millions!

NOTE: This material is copyrighted and is intended for the sole use of the buyer who may copy or include pages in presentations for prospects and clients only. Companies, agencies, and brokerage operations may purchase the rights to electronically forward or reproduce the ideas for agents, associates, or brokers for a one-time fee. Call 800-486-7355 for further details.