Picture of NEW Book! Ten Keys to a Better Life Starting Right Now

NEW Book! Ten Keys to a Better Life Starting Right Now

What are the keys to life, happiness, and success? What does success mean to you? What is the X factor that has a synergistic impact on each of the other keys? Howard Wight will help you develop and implement a daily Master Action Plan (MAP) that will lead to success each and every day.

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Wow!!!! There is enough substance to your book to fill an entire semester or two in an upper division or graduate school course on human effectiveness…
Joe Walker

This is a book you will treasure. Anyone who seeks to improve his or her life can benefit from reading this book. It is a great gift to give family, friends, associates, clients, and prospects. It is perfect for those seeking ideas such as writers, speakers, teachers, pastors, coaches, and advisors. It will provide anyone with lots of food for thought, discussion, and action.

Reading this book will be like having your own personal coach and cheerleader wrapped up in one. This book cannot change your life…but it can help you change your life. Refer to it every morning to help jumpstart each day in a positive way!

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Ten Keys to a Better Life Starting Right Now is also available as an e-book. Click here for details.

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