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Faster Track Trio

Can you imagine learning 90% of Howard Wight's key ideas in less than three hours? Now you can! Order the Faster Track Trio now and SAVE $128!

Learn more in one day than many advisors learn in a lifetime!

The Faster Track Trio is Howard Wight’s premier product offering to date. You will receive each of the following items:

Think Bigger Seminar DVD. This material is an extended version of the presentation Howard made while speaking at the Million Dollar Round Table annual meeting for the sixth time.
Life Insurance in a Nutshell book is directed to both producers and prospects. One agent has purchased over 200 copies which he has given primarily to CPA’s to share with their clients before introducing the agent.
Red-Letter Language book is written for agents and provides them with commonsense language to use at any point in the sales process, from getting the appointment to answering the prospect’s questions and objections.

There has never been a better time to be in the life insurance business. In light of the financial meltdown, it makes sense to review one’s overall planning. These materials are designed to help not only new agents, but those who want to move to the next level in production. Every person involved in recruiting and training should have this material in their library.

Don’t miss out - take advantage of the Faster Track Trio for Only $99 (a $227 value).

“Howard Wight is the master of simplicity. His book, Life Insurance in a Nutshell, should be
required reading for every new agent prior to being licensed.”
Dick Murphy, Life Member of the MDRT